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designC – 100 Years Otto Hutt

Mark Braun, globally renowned as an unusual product designer, draws inspiration from the progressive design concepts of the Bauhaus movement. The common elements in his and Otto Hutt’s design philosophies laid the foundation for a very special collaboration on the occasion of the company’s 100th anniversary. This resulted in a timeless writing instrument – designC.

Limited to 500 pieces. Worldwide.

designC combines a familiar language, which can be found in many Otto Hutt writing instruments, with pioneering influences. It interprets the philosophy of the Bauhaus in a form-focused and timeless way in a lateral thinking way.


Style for individualists. Made in Germany.

Writing instruments by Otto Hutt set new standards when it comes to individuality and precision: Clear shapes, aesthetic designs, perfected functionality. Inspired by Bauhaus ideals, Otto Hutt creates high-quality products in extraordinary style. For nearly 100 years, Otto Hutt’s master craftsmen and experts in a variety of process technologies have produced writing devices and accessories with the utmost care. This loving care and attention helps to ensure that the label “Made in Germany” stands for quality and sustainability.

Elegant writing instruments. Palpable enthusiasm.


A culture of precise craftsmanship and perfection. At Otto Hutt, masters of their trade combine proven manufacturing procedures with cutting-edge technology – without losing sight of their own tradition. The resulting products are unsurpassed in their creative finesse.


The uniqueness of an elegant, one-of-a-kind piece conveys a special message. The same applies to the writing devices by Otto Hutt: Their owners are unperturbed by the widespread hustle and bustle of everyday life and instead combine a straightforward look with charming nonchalance. For a strong appearance. With style.

Manufacturing expertise

Masterful quality and the utmost care are the pillars of outstanding skill. Otto Hutt always produces at the highest technological level and exclusively uses selected materials. Inspired by traditional capabilities, further developed into unparalleled high-tech procedures.

Not just another souvenir: design04 in sand and waves

Do you collect holiday mementos? design04 in sand or wave are a subtle reminder of summer holidays and serve as a practical addition to your desk: Pinning down a good idea, writing a memo to your colleague or scribbling endless spirals during a phone call.

design04 Schreibtisch mit Rollerball und Bleistift

A minimalist statement

With design03, Otto Hutt manufacture of exclusive writing instruments celebrates the push button: here, this characteristic feature of the ballpoint pen is complemented by an elegant design. High-quality materials invite to be touched. Within the Otto Hutt portfolio, it is only the ballpoint pens and pencils from this design line that are characterized by the use of a push mechanism.

Otto Hutt design03 - Der Druckknopf

Summer, sun, silver polish

These days, suntan lotion, sweat or disinfectants can leave their marks on your favourite writing instrument. Due to a natural process, the material will oxidize over time. With a little care, however, the silver surface will stay in perfect shape. We have put together a few tips for you.


What’s your type? Choose your very own writing instrument.

Developing our high quality writing instruments, we don’t think about target groups. The Otto Hutt Manufaktur caters to individuals. People who create their own lifestyle, and who are looking for a fountain pen or a ballpoint that matches their attitude.


Otto Hutt meets Viola Limited Edition

Limited Edition

The unique result of an encounter between art and technology.The renowned artist Viola has used her keen eye for pure beauty and filigrane aesthetics to inspire unique charms that turn our writing instruments into true works of art. Hand-painted. Perfect in form. Limited in edition.


Otto Hutt



Karl Hutt establishes a company for precious writing devices made of silver and pocket accessories for everyday use. In his first year, he already has a workforce of 20 employees.


The company continues to grow and moves into a larger facility within Pforzheim.


The Robert E. Huber GmbH takes over the Etra Weber GmbH as a fully-owned subsidiary. As the successor company of Otto Hutt, the Robert E. Huber GmbH relaunches the traditional brand. Marco Frei assumes leadership of the company.


Back to its roots: The company name is changed to Otto Hutt GmbH.


The headquarters are relocated to Königsbach-Stein, the previous location of Robert E. Huber.


Otto Hutt takes over as CEO and renames the company after himself.


Writing devices from the manufactory in Pforzheim are now in demand internationally as well. The Netherlands and Great Britain are two of the first countries to which the company delivers.


As part of the 250th city anniversary of Pforzheim, the limited “Gold Piece” edition is created.


The Etra Weber GmbH takes over the company. The headquarters are hence relocated to Birkenfeld.


The Otto Hutt GmbH embarks on new paths towards the future with its brand relaunch.

Family company. With tradition.

For many decades, the craft of the Otto Hutt company was in the hands of the Hutt family – initially founded by Karl Hutt in 1920, then successfully operated for a long time by his son Otto, whose name the brand for elegant writing devices still carries today.

Otto Hutt Familienunternehmen mit Tradition

Pforzheim. The golden city.

If the highest precision and outstanding quality were to call somewhere home, then it would be Pforzheim: The “golden city” that has acquired a top reputation around the world through centuries of manufacturing jewelry, watches, and consumer goods. It not only represents the center of jewelry production that is “made in Germany”, but is also home to the Otto Hutt GmbH.

historische Goldstadt Pforzheim
Otto Hutt Schreibgeräte Konfigurator

Unlimited variety. With style.

Every person is unique. Just like the high-quality writing instruments by Otto Hutt. Configure your personal fountain or ballpoint pen and select your favorite combination from a variety of different decorations, colors, and individual components right here and now: With the writing instrument configurator by Otto Hutt.
Configure now

Allblack. The new black nib.

Only Otto Hutt commands the craftsmanship to refine his gold nibs with a deep black PVD-coating across all nib sizes. The enduring resistance of the coated surface compliments the advantages of the flexible, supple 18-carat nib.

Otto Hutt Allblack Federn Moodbild

100% Made in Germany.

The production of Otto Hutt writing instruments takes place exclusively at our facilities in our German location. For our customers, this means the highest manufacturing quality, full quality control, guaranteed delivery security and, above all, small distances. Minimizing CO2 is just one aspect of our sustainable production: All of our packaging and trimmings materials consist of cardboard and paper. At Otto Hutt, we deeply care about a responsible attitude not just towards our employees and business partners, but also our environment.



Pastel colours have been very popular in fashion and interior design for decades, standing for lightness and being particularly popular in spring – and not without reason, as soft tones exude joy and put you in a good mood. At Paperworld, we showcased four pastel shades for the design06.

Otto Hutt design 06 Pastell