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design08 has been revealed.

With design08, Mark Braun and Otto Hutt have once again created an extraordinary writing instrument: the fountain pen is finished with ruthenium and the surface is covered in a guilloché pattern. With the Pull + Twist™ function, the 18 ct gold nib is supplied with ink by just a turn of the hand. design08, that is high-tech for writing. Would you like to find out more about design08?

In the live release video, designer Mark Braun and Otto Hutt managing director Marco Frei reveal details from the developer workshop to writing instrument enthusiast Samuel Naldi. Available for a re-watch on YouTube.

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The product video for design08, created by writing instrument enthusiast Samuel Naldi:

A work process, interlocking like clockwork.

Otto Hutt writing instruments are 100% made in Germany. When you hold a design08 in your hand, the writing instrument has already gone through  several clearly defined development and production steps.

Design development: Mark Braun designed the first design08 draft, refining all details from the handle to the clip to the cap. Not stopping until each component had found its perfect place.

Construction: This is where the technical aspect came in. In the 3D model, all components of design08 were integrated into the design draft. The weight distribution of the 30 to 35 components was checked - including the clip and the Pull + Twist™ mechanism.

First edition: Material procurement, programming of the CNC lathes and milling machines and subsequent production of around 100 design08 fountain pens. Based on this first edition, the assembly process was tested and individual parts were further optimized.

Production: Precise production of all brass components at Otto Hutt - with the exception of the handle, which was manufactured separately. It is made of stainless steel and then PVD-coated.

Satin finishing: The surfaces of the components were given a matt finish by sandblasting.

Engraving: The Otto Hutt logo, the individual numbering and "Made in Germany" were lasered into the surface.

Electroplating: galvanic finishing of all design08 brass components with ruthenium. The result is a color that looks like titanium. It is not painted on but works from the inside, shining out of the material itself.

Inner workings: Concurrently, all parts of the invisible precision mechanics for the mechanical clip and the Pull + Twist™ function were manufactured.

Assembly: Each fountain pen was assembled by hand.

Functional testing: Breaking in of the nib and conscientious functional testing of every single design08 fountain pen.

design08 is more than the sum of all work steps – it is a holistic design concept that is concerned with the idea of ​​high-quality, sustainable production on-site and of creating products that will last a lifetime.

Relive the world premiere now on YouTube.

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design08. Pull+Twist™. Filling up ink is that easy.

Dip the nib into the ink. Turn once. Your pen is ready to go. A unique invention.
In 2020 Otto Hutt presented its designC fountain pen with the Pull+Twist™ function.
A world premiere at the time, it is still unrivaled to this day. No wonder that designC and design08 are equipped with this intelligent pump system. Berlin-based designer Mark Braun designed both fountain pens. When he planned the new design08 as a piston fountain pen, his aim was to make refilling as efficient as possible.

design08 is a product of the Otto Hutt writing instrument manufacture. Constructed down to the tiniest detail and realized with precision and love by Otto Hutt engineers. But see for yourself.

What will design08 look like? The countdown is on.
Be part of the world premiere, live and online: on March 26th, 2021, 5 p.m – also on Instagram

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Designer Mark Braun on the conception of design08:

This is high-tech for writing. design08.

Good engineering is deeply anchored in Germany, so they say. While high-tech engineering is often associated with machine or car manufacturing, it is still rarely found in the consumer sector. We drive expensive cars and write with cheap pens.

With high-class Otto Hutt writing instruments, two worlds meet: the high-tech demands of quality, craftsmanship and precision connect with common objects. This is much more than a trend, it is a change in values that Otto Hutt has been driving. Making quality count benefits all: business, sales, the production sites, our environment and our customers. Instead of going through dozens of disposable ballpoint pens a year, enjoy writing with one dedicated writing instrument that will over the years become a part of you, just like a piece of jewelry.

What will design08 look like? The countdown is on.
Be part of the world premiere, live and online: on March 26th, 2021, 5 p.m.

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Designer Mark Braun on the conception of design08:

Form follows function: design08.

Product design in words. Playing with proportions. A basic cylindrical structure, with a ledge. A regular guilloché pattern lines the surface. A process that sits deep within the heart of Otto Hutt's history. These lines cover the entire writing instrument. Notches in the grip add support for easy handling, making fingers feel at home when writing.

The mechanical clip is manufactured with high precision: design08 will stay safely put in your shirt pocket. The cylindrical cap forms a mechanical connection with the clip – as if the fine mechanics of the writing instrument are mirrored by its parts.

Watch out for it. The countdown is on.


Designer Mark Braun on the conception of design08:

design08. Quality bordering on the extravagant.

Mark Braun is the designer, design08 a brand ambassador for Otto Hutt. The writing instrument illustrates quality standards that flaunt an extravagant attitude towards design, development, manufacture and use of the writing instruments. design08 symbolizes a worldview, a lifestyle and a take on consumerism. This is where the design process set in. The result?

Watch out for it. The countdown is on.


Designer Mark Braun on the conception of design08: