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Writing is precise mechanical work

design08 has arrived! From now, it is going to set standards against which manual manufacturing precision will be measured. The writing instrument was created by Mark Braun. And it is already the second extraordinary fountain pen that he developed on behalf of Otto Hutt.


The beauty of writing

Some colors are a matter of taste, others seem inseparably linked to certain applications: in black and blue, writing instruments are just timeless. For special occasions and for very special people, a special color may add a subtle touch: our limited edition design04 comes in pearl pink and graphite grey.


A rush of colors

Spring is fast approaching - it only took a bit of sunshine for nature to re-awaken. Crocuses are covering entire meadows in purple and yellow, the first tulips are peeping out, and of course it is time for the daffodils to be making their grand entrance. With various pastel and rose tones, Otto Hutt writing instruments fit perfectly into this spring mood.


A lovely combination

Our look for spring time: design04 in matte black with a ruthenium finish. Is it black or is it silver? It is, in any case, an eye-catching combination. With our new design04 in matte black, the ruthenium coated fittings set a counterpoint in look and feel.


A plea for subtle high quality.

Surfaces shine, shimmer, reflect or, with matte surfaces, they apparently absorb light. They feel cold at first, but warm to our touch. Surfaces show a regular structure. At Otto Hutt, we pay great attention to the surfaces of our handcrafted writing instruments.


Writing with love

Especially in the United States, it is a widespread custom to surprise your loved ones with a card on Valentine's Day. A good idea! A handwritten message goes way beyond the literal meaning of the words on the paper.


The Pen Game Changer

The commitment of Mr. Naldi can be summarized by his slogan: "The Pen Game Changer". This project encompasses various channels that pursue his central goals: To raise global awareness of high-quality writing instruments, to put writing instruments in a new light and to present them in surprising contexts.


Our newcomer of the year: ballpoint pen design07

Noble materials, timeless design, excellent craftsmanship: with our flagship design07, it is obvious what makes Otto Hutt so special. The duo of fountain pen and rollerball pen is now matched by the twist ballpoint pen.

design07 Kugelschreiber und Füllfederhalter mit Tintenfass

A festive Advent time with Otto Hutt

December is here, the first Christmas cards are arriving. It is a beautiful sight every year, with many colorful cards lining up on the window ledge or being displayed on any other prominent place. As we grow out of childhood, Advent greetings no longer have to be made of chocolate.

Weihnachtskarte schreiben mit dem design06

Decorate your life with Otto Hutt

Celebrations usually go hand in hand with decoration – we embellish ourselves and our surroundings. Whether in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings or watches, we like to adorn ourselves with fine materials. Jewelry is an expression of a lifestyle and our personality. Noble writing instruments fulfill the same purpose.

design04 und edle Schmuckstücke

Christmas, made in Germany

The term “Black Forest” conjures images of impressive nature, dense forests, dreamy lakes and sparkling waterfalls. In winter, snow metres high transforms the dark-green mountain slopes into a Christmas dream landscape. Otto Hutt is at home here, right on the edge of the Black Forest.

Otto Hutt Verpackung mit goldener Schleife

design01. Evolution in Matt.

design01 is reduced to the essential: Pure writing pleasure, made with the finest materials. Our classic writing instrument is now available in a trendy look and feel in matt. As such, it delivers a visual and haptic experience.

design01 Farbvarianten matt blau und matt schwarz

Keep it shiny. Regarding the care of fine writing instruments.

Shine in the twinkling of an eye: treat your Otto Hutt writing instrument regularly with the designated cloth. Thus, you will make sure to keep the materials permanently beautiful and shiny. It gently removes the grey patina so typical for silver.


Expert craftsmanship made in gold city Pforzheim

A worthwhile tradition: The Otto Hutt Manufactory has been based near Pforzheim for a hundred years. As the German center of precious metal production and as the seat of the jewelers and watch makers, the city offers the ideal environment for the production of high-quality writing instruments.

design07 Füllfederhalter

Not just another souvenir: design04 in sand and waves

Do you collect holiday mementos? design04 in sand or wave are a subtle reminder of summer holidays and serve as a practical addition to your desk: Pinning down a good idea, writing a memo to your colleague or scribbling endless spirals during a phone call.

design04 Schreibtisch mit Rollerball und Bleistift

A minimalist statement

With design03, Otto Hutt manufacture of exclusive writing instruments celebrates the push button: here, this characteristic feature of the ballpoint pen is complemented by an elegant design. High-quality materials invite to be touched. Within the Otto Hutt portfolio, it is only the ballpoint pens and pencils from this design line that are characterized by the use of a push mechanism.

Druckknöpfe der design03 Reihe in verschiedenen Farbvarianten

Summer, sun, silver polish

These days, suntan lotion, sweat or disinfectants can leave their marks on your favourite writing instrument. Due to a natural process, the material will oxidize over time. With a little care, however, the silver surface will stay in perfect shape. We have put together a few tips for you.

Polieren des design04

What’s your type? Choose your very own writing instrument.

Developing our high quality writing instruments, we don’t think about target groups. The Otto Hutt Manufaktur caters to individuals. People who create their own lifestyle, and who are looking for a fountain pen or a ballpoint that matches their attitude.


A stylish gift. A stylish signature.

That moment, when your signature is about to change your life ... finally lovers can celebrate their special day with friends and family again. With a dedicated engraving on your favorite pen, this important day always remains within reach.

Moodbild design06 Pastellfarben mit Gravur

Midnight Blue. The longing for the night sky.

When the sun goes down and the moon shines bright, the night sky is characterized by a dark shade of blue. With our design04, you may enjoy your blue hour around the clock. Find out more!

Moodbild design04 Mitternachtsblau

Allblack. The new elegance.

The devil’s in the details, and so is style. Once you sign with your all black fountain pen, you will agree: It is all about the details. Whether you are in company or home alone, make a statement with your new, all black nib. Otto Hutt offers not only steel nibs but also exclusively the 18 carat gold nibs in black for design03 and design04.

Otto Hutt Allblack Federn Moodbild

Trend palette. Writing as lifestlye.

Even the occasional writer realizes the complex interaction between the world that surrounds us, the thoughts that inspire us and the stories and notes we put on paper. design06 reflects this year's trending colors. Let yourself be inspired!

Otto Hutt Pastellfarben design06

At home in the Black Forest. Bound to preserve nature.

Sustainable manufacturing is an essential part of the Otto Hutt philosophy. For our high quality writing instruments, we rely on a limited number of raw materials throughout the manufacturing process. How we manage to forego plastics in our production?


Mark Braun: unparalleled design

In 2020, Otto Hutt will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a very special anniversary edition. None other than German star designer Mark Braun has created the limited-edition fountain pen. The portrait of an extraordinary product designer.


Technology meets design.

The anniversary fountain pen for Otto Hutt is Mark Braun’s first design for a writing instrument. To avoid letting the manufacturing process restrict his creativity, the designer chose a consciously free approach during the design process. But what characterises Bauhaus-oriented design?


Shaped by traditional craftsmanship

Precise craftsmanship and functional design define the essence of the Otto Hutt company – 100 years ago, today, and in its future development.

Otto Hutt Handwerkskunst

Work in style: Black S.O.H.O. chic.

We’ll tell you how to shift your Small Office Home Office (S.O.H.O.) to the creative New York district of SoHo with just a few changes.


The art of precise drawing.

A precise writing instrument is the basic prerequisite for every highly accurate drawing and therefore a significant criterion for technical innovation.


Creative writing as an art and appreciation of handwriting

Calligraphy has shaped the 7,500-year history of writing and is still egarded as a valued form of art today. But it's not just about the visual design of letters. Like any form of knowledge transfer, the art of writing has its roots in its content.

Kreatives Otto Hutt Schreiben design04 Scribble

The fountain pen as a fashion piece

Fashion has many facets, and accessories have long been part of excellent style. But a fountain pen as a fashion item? Does that work? Of course it does, and an individual writing device even has plenty of trend potential.


Digital detox: Get offline and relax

The constant medial barrage is ever-present, and thanks to the internet and smartphones, it’s nearly impossible to escape – we are consistently bombarded with information, news, and images. What helps: A digital detox to get away from online stress.


Guilloche: Rediscovered craftsmanship

An extraordinary engraving technique that is only very rarely used today. Developed more than 300 years ago, the procedure was place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2015. Why our guilloche writing devices are truly special.


Praising the handwritten

The new joy in writing: There are many reasons to regularly pick up a pen and paper. In our journal, we explain why writing by hand is not only enjoyable, but also makes you smart.