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Creative writing as an art and appreciation of handwriting

Calligraphy has shaped the 7,500-year history of writing and is still egarded as a valued form of art today. But it's not just about the visual design of letters. Like any form of knowledge transfer, the art of writing has its roots in its content.

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The fountain pen as a fashion piece

Fashion has many facets, and accessories have long been part of excellent style. But a fountain pen as a fashion item? Does that work? Of course it does, and an individual writing device even has plenty of trend potential.


Digital detox: Get offline and relax

The constant medial barrage is ever-present, and thanks to the internet and smartphones, it’s nearly impossible to escape – we are consistently bombarded with information, news, and images. What helps: A digital detox to get away from online stress.


Guilloche: Rediscovered craftsmanship

An extraordinary engraving technique that is only very rarely used today. Developed more than 300 years ago, the procedure was place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2015. Why our guilloche writing devices are truly special.


Praising the handwritten

The new joy in writing: There are many reasons to regularly pick up a pen and paper. In our journal, we explain why writing by hand is not only enjoyable, but also makes you smart.