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A bond for life

Trust, reliability and continuity – that’s what we look for in our relationships. We like to rely on people we love and marry. We also look for these values in the things we surround ourselves with. The longevity of the bond of marriage and writing instruments – a commonality we strive for. Whether writing invitation cards, writing wedding vows or signing the marriage certificate on the big day: the high-quality writing instruments from the Otto Hutt manufactory live up to the claim.

Accompanying people throughout their lives: a wish that applies both to marriage and to Otto Hutt. The most beautiful thing is when two people decide to support each other and share many happy days together. Every year, almost half a million couples say “I do” to each other in Germany. Otto Hutt writing instruments stand by the bridal couple on their big day and beyond. The symbol of marriage is worn on the hand – just like the writing instruments. As a writing instrument to seal the marriage or as a gift for the witnesses – the extensive selection of exclusive, diverse and valuable fountain pens offers the right detail for the wedding.

Few events in life are as personal as the wedding ceremony. With a stylish engraving, the momentous day becomes even more personal and individual. The writing instruments from the Otto Hutt manufactory promise exceptional quality. This is how you give yourself and your loved ones a gift of appreciation, for a lifetime.