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A festive Advent time with Otto Hutt

December is here, the first Christmas cards are arriving. It is a beautiful sight every year, with many colorful cards lining up on the window ledge or being displayed on any other prominent place. As we grow out of childhood, Advent greetings no longer have to be made of chocolate. The specialist trade offers a nice selection of Christmas greeting cards – whether with 25 lovely little doors, for Santa Claus or for Christmas and the New Year. Take your favorite Otto Hutt pen and create lasting good wishes that don’t go straight to the hips. In our online shop or at specialist stores all over the world, you will also find our high-quality, handcrafted Otto Hutt ink in five festive colors. How about “Gold Dust”, for example? It contains real gold dust which will add an exclusive and festive touch to your Christmas greetings.