otto hutt
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A plea for subtle high quality.

As children we feel the world. We learn to categorize – people, materials and different surfaces. The so-called haptic codes are developed long before human consciousness, which only sets in around the age of 3 and reflects the environment.

Surfaces shine, shimmer, reflect or, with matte surfaces, they apparently absorb light. They feel cold at first, but warm to our touch. Surfaces show a regular structure. At Otto Hutt, we pay great attention to the surfaces of our handcrafted writing instruments. After all, they want to be touched while writing. The fine stripe guilloché is an Otto Hutt trademark – only a few manufacturers worldwide have mastered this elaborate craftsmanship.

The range of this versatile design line is being expanded further with these new design04 models. The timeless look of the writing instruments is based on an original design by Otto Hutt.

The stripe guilloché with its precisely tapering lines loosens up the linear aesthetics. The matte finish is applied once the guilloché pattern is cut, adding a surprising smoothness to the barrel. The matte surfaces form an exciting contrast to the platinum-plated fittings and cap sleeves. design04 stripe guilloché, available in the color variants black matte or navy blue matte.