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A plea for timeless fountain pens

Writing has its value: with the fountain pen, you transfer your thoughts and feelings onto paper. In this way, the noble writing instrument helps us to express our innermost feelings in a perfectly formed way. In honor of fountain pens, November 4th is dedicated to them.

Since 2012, the first Friday in November has been dedicated to the International Day of the Fountain Pen. The initiators of the campaign day thus pursued the goal of raising public awareness of the use of fountain pens and the importance of handwriting in view of increasing digital communication.

The history of fountain pens revolutionized the culture of writing: as early as 1656, fountain pens made of goose quills were used in Paris. A significant milestone was the development of the ink conductor with the patent of the American Lewis Waterman in 1884. In the course of time, technical innovations provided for differentiated mechanisms. What has remained is the incomparable pleasure of writing.

Composing a loving letter, making a to-do list or writing simple notes handwriting with fountain pens can be celebrated in a variety of ways. In everyday life, they are our constant companion. In addition, pen and paper are the best way to train the brain: it strengthens concentration, memory and mnemonic performance effectively and sustainably. Writing also helps children coordinate the movements of their muscles. It promotes dexterity, especially fine motor skills.

That makes it all the more important to find an optimal writing instrument with high functionality and an aesthetic look. Whether colorful, classic or guilloché – Otto Hutt offers an outstanding variety of models of high-quality fountain pens.