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A rosy spectacle at Otto Hutt

Sterling silver, palladium, ruthenium, platinum – in the Otto Hutt manufactory we process numerous precious metals. Caps and fittings in rose gold add high-quality accents to the clean look of design01 black with rose gold, for example. The special color is the result of copper which is being added to the gold alloy. Incidentally, the addition not only changes the color of the metal, but also has a positive effect on its hardness and durability. To ensure that our writing instruments stay beautiful over the long term, we include a suitable cleaning cloth with each model. For rose gold, this is made of microfiber. Regular polishing will prevent your writing instrument from tarnishing, a result from natural oxidation.

Rosegold design04 Journal

The alloy is particularly feminine in combination with white lacquer, as shown by design03 Rosewhite. An allover wave washes over design04 Wave in black and white: after the body has been coated with colored lacquer, the three-dimensional guilloché pattern is cut, resulting in waves that vary in depth. These are then plated with rose gold. Several layers of lacquer are added, which are sanded and polished after each application. Fittings and cap sleeves are also plated with rose gold.

You can find your favorite rose gold model in our updated product guide or here in our online shop.