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All it needs is a gentle rub

Dark shadows on your writing instrument? This is just the typical patina that comes with real silver. This “tarnishing” of the metal cannot be prevented, since silver reacts with the air as well as with the sulfur contained in skin sweat. Alloys such as rose gold will also show a slight discoloration over time. For this reason, a cleaning cloth matched to the writing instrument is an essential accessory in every high-quality Otto Hutt writing instrument box.

For lacquered and PVD-coated models, the cleaning cloth is made of microfiber. It removes skin grease as well as small solid particles that could scratch the surfaces – an important aspect for the trendy matt finishes. So even on the beach, you don’t have to worry about grains of sand and sunscreen leaving their mark.

A bit of warm water for the nib

For fountain pens, we also recommend a thorough cleaning about every four weeks. For an effective treatment, remove the cartridge or empty the converter and rinse the nib and converter several times with lukewarm water. This prevents pigment particles from the ink from accumulating and clumping. The ink flows smoothly and lets your thoughts run free.