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Allblack. The new elegance.

The devil’s in the details, and so is style. Once you sign with your all black fountain pen, you will agree: It is all about the details. Whether you are in company or home alone, make a statement with your new, all black nib. Otto Hutt offers not only steel nibs but also exclusively the 18 carat gold nibs in black for design03 and design04.

Made of gold or steel, the nib is the heart of every pen. Available in four sizes M, F, B and EF, it glides easily over the paper. The nib shapes the way we write and thus how our thoughts appear on paper. Be it coated with platinum, bi-colour with an additional gold plating or lavish in black thanks to a PVD coating, each Otto Hutt nib bears the original logo. Thus it reflects the self-image of the Otto Hutt brand – in keeping with the principle “form follows function”.

Only Otto Hutt commands the craftsmanship to refine his gold nibs with a deep black PVD-coating across all nib sizes. The enduring resistance of the coated surface compliments the advantages of the flexible, supple 18-carat nib.

Understated elegance. Perfection in design and craftsmanship: With the highly technological process of “physical vapor deposition”, the nib is sputtered with a wafer-thin layer. The result: a smooth, indelible black surface. By adding embossed filigree lines, the designers at Otto Hutt add yet another level of exceptional craftsmanship.