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Always like brand new – care of fine writing instruments

Whether lovingly written letters or short notes – writing by hand is a special feeling. Especially with high-quality fountain pens, it becomes a unique pleasure. In order to enjoy this extraordinary writing experience for many years, the personal writing instrument requires regular care.

Cleaning the fountain pen ensures that it glides smoothly over the paper and produces a consistent typeface. It is important to maintain both the nib and the ink flow system. Over time, ink residue, dust, paper fibers and other contaminants accumulate in the nib. To avoid this, the first step in cleaning is to unscrew the handle and remove the ink cartridge. Then rinse the feed with lukewarm water until it flows clearly out of the nib. If an ink converter is used, it should be filled with water and emptied until all ink residue has been removed. It is then sufficient to dab the nib dry with a clean cloth. Before refilling the ink or inserting the new cartridge, the housing, cap and handle should be cleaned of internal and external dirt with a lint-free cloth. The ink can flow freely, allowing your thoughts to run free.

Careful maintenance for sophisticated style

The character of the writer is to be found in every letter, every dot and every stroke. The noble writing instruments from Otto Hutt are the best way to give your own handwriting an individual touch. It is therefore even more important to take good care of your personal writing instrument. At Otto Hutt, a care cloth tailored to the writing instrument is included with each product. After brief polishing with the help of the cloth, all surfaces get an impressive shine in the blink of an eye.