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An idea takes form

In 2004, an experiment was conducted at the Technical University of Dresden: 66 prospective engineers had to solve a tricky design task. One third were given pencil and paper, another third a tablet, with the final third using a PC with CAD software. The results are hardly surprising for writing fans: the freehand drawings with paper and pencil were at least as good as the tablet sketches, were created much faster and were more comprehensible to viewers than the CAD designs.

At Otto Hutt, we understand the creative impulses that come out of handwriting: This moment when pencil touches down on paper and an idea takes form can be seen as an act of magic. In fact, it is due to graphite’s crystal-like structure that it leaves its mark upon the lightest touch.

Writing wherever you are

The great advantage of the pencil is its flexibility. It doesn’t matter whether the tip is pointing up or down; it writes in any position and at any temperature. As such, it has become the signature accessory of the inventor, whom it accompanies through all stages of the innovation process.

With 0.7-millimeter leads and an eraser integrated in the cap, Otto Hutt pencils are popular with architects and technical draftsmen alike, with artists and prolific writers, with poets and thinkers, and so on. These wands for creative people are available in the design lines design01, design02, design03, design04 and design06.