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Appreciating handwriting. Writing letters.

The art of handwriting has an enormous effect. Thoughts can be focused more purposefully, fewer distractions provide mental relaxation and creative ideas can be shaped better. Whether it’s a thank-you note or a love letter, letters add a personal touch to the message. Handwritten and filled with love, they enchant the conveyed message into something special in the middle of digital chaos. In addition, handwritten notes have an impact on memory: things that we have written down ourselves by hand are remembered much better. In honor of letters, World Letter Writing Day is celebrated annually on September 1st.

The World Letter Writing Day was created in 2014 by Australian author and artist Richard Simpkin to celebrate handwritten letters. He wanted to bring about a break from digital communication and encourage people to write down a letter on paper by hand – to friends, family or strangers. A handwritten message is always unique and personal – both the writer and the receiver hold it close to their hearts.

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