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At home in the Black Forest. Bound to preserve nature. Made in Germany.

Sustainable manufacturing is an essential part of the Otto Hutt philosophy. For our high quality writing instruments, we rely on a limited number of raw materials throughout the manufacturing process. With our highly sophisticated approach and traditional craftsmanship, plastics have no place in our production – not even in our standard gift wrappings or decorative parts. Manual manufacturing techniques are used prudently and ecologically sound. Our production standards are strictly supervised. Electrochemical processes such as our inhouse electroplating are compliant with binding security standards. Each step of the manufacturing process takes place at our facilities, using a CHP plant and wastewater-recycling. With a supplier network firmly based in the region and not extending outside German borders, we are happy to both support domestic companies and further minimize our CO2-footprint with reduced transport. Even leftover chips from our writing instruments manufacturing process are returned for recycling.