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Not just another souvenir: design04 in sand and waves

Do you collect holiday mementos? design04 in sand or wave are a subtle reminder of summer holidays and serve as a practical addition to your desk: Pinning down a good idea, writing a memo to your colleague or scribbling endless spirals during a phone call – our ballpoint pens with twist mechanism, pencils and rollerball pens are always ready to use. Unlike most souvenirs from the seafront stores, our design04 as well as the entire Otto Hutt portfolio, are produced with consistent consideration of sustainability. Where possible, we obtain our raw materials locally and forgo plastic in production and packaging. design04 in either sand or wave is an environmentally sound idea – or choose both designs for a lasting holiday feeling at your desk.

Just like a holiday for the eyes:Our fine writing instruments

In praise of handwriting: studies have repeatedly shown the many advantages of this complex activity, which gets our brain into full swing. Writing with pen and paper is also a relief for our eyes. This is in stark contrast to screen work, which doctors associate with dry, aching and reddened eyes. People spending their working hours in front of the computer should therefore allow for regular breaks. And by using one of our high-quality writing instruments, you don’t just get your gray cells going: Excellent design and fine materials will delight all your senses.