otto hutt
01 / 01

Creative writing as an art and appreciation of handwriting

Calligraphy has shaped the 7,500-year history of writing and is still egarded as a valued form of art today. But it's not just about the visual design of letters. Like any form of knowledge transfer, the
art of writing has its roots in its content. Sharing meaningful content in a creative, calligraphic, and literal way is an art in itself.

Today, calligraphy and creative writing are linked in many ways. In times in which unimaginable quantities of content are being created and published, quality content and visual form stands out. Creative writing means developing a sense of language that is adapted to the content. Calligraphic writing is based on putting words on paper that become one in writing and in language. A connection that is best represented in handwriting. Taking the time to pass on a handwritten story. A key factor that should affect the writer's choice and paper. Only delicately crafted, unique writing instruments were used as quills in monastic studies - a true instrument of the art of writing that has been passed down from generation to generation.