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Decorate your life with Otto Hutt

Celebrations usually go hand in hand with decoration – we embellish ourselves and our surroundings. Whether in the form of necklaces, bracelets and earrings or watches, we like to adorn ourselves with fine materials. Jewelry is an expression of a lifestyle and our personality. Noble writing instruments fulfill the same purpose: we employ them in meaningful life situations, and after a short time our heart is already attached to them. We use fountain pens to sign contracts and wedding certificates or to take note of valuable ideas. No wonder that fine fountain pens have long been part of the range of leading jewelers. With Otto Hutt we are reviving this tradition.
Otto Hutt writing implements are a good opportunity, especially for jewelers, to diversify their range, to address new target groups and to expand the lifestyle that we like to project. With this attitude, jewelry and watches are a perfect match with high-quality writing instruments.

Excellent company: necklace by Andreas Daub, watch by Jean Marcel, golden cufflinks by Emil Kraus, Otto Hutt design04 Wave, silver cufflinks by Andreas Daub, Ott Hutt design04 Princess Cut.