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Easy gliding for avid writers

A rollerball is a writer’s dream: With its smooth ink-guiding system and light- and water-resistant ink, the rollerball combines the advantages of a fountain pen with those of the popular ballpoint pen.

From the masters of calligraphy

Rollerballs were developed in 1963 by a Japanese stationery manufacturer. Just as with the art of calligraphy, the writing instruments show their main strength particularly in the constant flow of writing: Once applied, a rollerball tempts the user to continue writing endlessly. The fluid, water-based ink transfers effortlessly to the paper, allowing you to write faster and longer without tiring. The special, light writing feel is reflected in the clearly defined typeface.

Rollerball pens are characterized by their outstanding and comfortable use: no blotting, no scratching, no drying out. If the writing performance should start to ebb at some point, it is quickly invigorated with a simple refill. At Otto Hutt, the rollerball complements the trio of fountain pen, ballpoint pen and pencil in all design lines.