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Finding joy in perfect proportions, with design03

Credit for defining the golden section goes to Euclid of Alexandria: According to Wikipedia, the mathematician had already defined perfection in the 3rd century BC by calculating ideal ratio sizes. However, you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the principle at hand: It is all about proportions – and well-formed ones at that. Looking at flowers and leaves in nature, for example, will be struck by their pleasing overall effect. And so the formula of the golden ratio succeeded in art and architecture as the ideal principle of aesthetic proportioning.

At Otto Hutt, we interpret the golden section our own way: After all, our writing instruments have to fulfill their function first and foremost. With each of our model lines, we prove that aesthetics does not have to take a back seat. The golden section characterizes design03 and gives the series perfect proportions. Aficionados can also tell the writing instrument type at a glance, thanks to the placement of the Otto Hutt logo that moves along the barrel from pencil to fountain pen. The offset placement of the Otto Hutt logo makes the distinction between the four writing types simple yet ingenious.

Quality in retro design

At the same time, design03 is a very distinctive line: the rounded edges and the characteristic push-button – a unique selling point in our range. It also stands out from the portfolio in terms of color: The neutral tones of Allblack, Darkgrey and Lightgrey contrast interestingly with the playful shape. The shaft and cap are made of brass. The hardware components, the steel nib and the 18 ct gold nib of the Allblack variant are coated with high quality PVD. The shaft of Darkgrey is additionally coated with ruthenium. For Navygrey and Lightgrey, the shaft is blue matte or matte pearl white, respectively. The caps are finished in matte platinum, and the hardware components are finished in polished platinum. Finally, the charming Rosewhite model, matte lacquered in white. The hardware components and the nib are finished with high quality rose gold. Available as fountain pen, rollerball, retractable ballpoint and mechanical pencil. Choose from steel nibs or 18 ct gold nibs for the fountain pens.