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Gifts of exquisite kind

Gifts are an expression of affection and appreciation. For young or old – especially during the Christmas season, there are numerous occasions to please your loved ones. Handwritten letters or cards are an element of long-standing Christmas traditions. The busyness of everyday life is forgotten to put thoughts and greetings to friends, relatives and loved ones on paper. Whether for handwritten cards or as a gift, fine writing instruments transform writing into a unique experience and bring a smile to the writer’s face.

The design07 and design08 model lines are high-quality classics among gift ideas –- from October, the designs will be available in elegant black. Black has a special effect on us – it stands for truth, seriousness and credibility. With all its attractive qualities, this color seduces us. With the design07 in Allblack, the deep black tone in combination with a matt surface ensures a pleasant writing experience. The black color scheme of the design08 underlines the aesthetic appearance and the high quality standards – perfect in form, noble and timeless.