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Hurray for ballpoint pens

Writing shopping lists, signing contracts, updating appointment calendars or composing simple notes – writing accompanies us in everyday life. Ballpoint pens are indispensable. Simple, practical and usable everywhere. The writing instrument with the special, fast-drying ink paste that puts our thoughts on paper through a small metal ball is part of everyday culture. In 2013 alone, around 500 million ballpoint pens were distributed among the writing public in Germany (Welt, 2014). Our little helpers also deserve recognition. To celebrate them, there is the Day of the Ballpoint Pen. June 10 is fully dedicated to ballpoint pens.

Writing stories, capturing stories

It is certainly no coincidence that a journalist invented such a handy tool. When writing has to be fast, the ballpoint pen comes into play: durable ink paste and compact handling. Yet not so long ago, it was uncommon to use the practical writing instrument. The history of the ballpoint pen goes back to the Hungarian inventor László Bíró: he patented his invention in 1938. Since then, ballpoint pens have accompanied us and spoiled us with their advantages. Even today, the term “biro” is used for ballpoint pens in British and Italian, named after the inventor. Waterproof and virtually immune to abrasion, the ballpoint pen captures what is written for eternity.

A good ballpoint pen is a companion for life. Whether colorful, guilloché or classic black: Otto Hutt has an excellent variety of models for every type of writing.