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Impressions for eternity

Gathering new experiences, breathing fresh air, feeling sun on your skin and enjoying the moment – traveling is an incredible experience. What drives us is the curiosity for new things. That’s why we keep discovering new corners of the world where we feel comfortable and experience unforgettable moments. The freedom to do what comes to our mind. On vacation we can switch off, forget the routine and find ourselves. What moves us to travel is the desire to live out the moments and capture them. With the fountain pen, this is possible, at least in part. Writing postcards, keeping a travel diary, composing a suitcase packing list or signing immigration applications: the writing instrument is an eternal companion, even while traveling.

Perfect travel companion

On the beach, while camping or on the hiking trail, we are flooded with thousands of new impressions. The pure pleasure of living. The desire is to capture the experiences for eternity. The fresh breeze encourages us to write. In the middle of nature, writing with the writing instruments of the Otto Hutt manufactory seems like a piece of exclusivity. The designs in colorful nuances are reminiscent of the joys of summer and fit ideally into the backdrop of nature. Be inspired by big and small moments – from the sound of the sea to sunrises, water, meeting new people and your imagination.

Those who like to explore new cities on vacation may enjoy the calmness of writing a travel diary. In a park or a sidewalk café in Rome, Berlin or Paris, the unique impressions can be put down on paper. The pleasant feel of the writing instruments transforms the experience into pure writing pleasure. Writing with Otto Hutt’s fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and pencils is a refreshing break in the middle of the urban hustle and bustle.