otto hutt
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Inspired by Bauhaus

Minimalistic, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing: as a pioneering style, Bauhaus continues to shape the language of form to this day. Not only the architecture, but also the designs of Otto Hutt are inspired by the style from the Twenties. A style that represents the combination of art and craftsmanship. “The ultimate aim of all visual arts is the complete building!” – thanks to the guiding phrase of the founder of Bauhaus, Walter Gropius, the boundaries between the creative and the creators are blurred. As a brand, Otto Hutt combines these principles: functional yet aesthetic, the basic idea is applied to the products. A harmonious combination that convinces with form and function.

Form follows function

In addition to its design principles, Bauhaus is characterized by its forward-looking practicality. The efficient use of available resources, adaptability to new needs and the use of innovative technologies are important reasons why the Bauhaus fits seamlessly into modernity.

At Otto Hutt, tradition and modernity go hand in hand. The result is exquisitely crafted writing instruments that bring the Bauhaus to life. Karl Hutt founded the company at a time when creativity and practicality were about to form a new bond. Accordingly, the design and functionality ensure that Otto Hutt writing instruments are as easy to use as possible, are pleasant to hold, and produce a clean typeface. While clear lines and flawless proportions ensure optimized handling, masterfully crafted precious metals provide the high-quality aesthetics. Our maxim “Form follows function” runs through all our writing instruments like an unmistakable symbol for the design aspirations and stylish self-image of the brand.