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Keep it shiny. Regarding the care of fine writing instruments.

Shine in the twinkling of an eye: treat your Otto Hutt writing instrument regularly with the designated cloth. Thus, you will make sure to keep the materials permanently beautiful and shiny. You will find the high-quality silver cleaning cloth with every writing instrument made of sterling silver. It gently removes the grey patina so typical for silver. For lacquered and PVD-coated models, we enclose the Otto Hutt microfiber cloth. This also maintains and cleans so that you can enjoy your writing instrument for a long time.

For fountain pens, we also recommend a thorough cleaning about every four weeks. To do this, first remove the cartridge or empty the converter. Then rinse nib and converter several times with lukewarm water. This will prevent pigments from the ink from accumulating clumping. And now enjoy unlimited writing pleasure.