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Protecting the environment, enjoying the nature.

Pioneering spirit and innovation have had their roots in the Black Forest for generations. Surrounded by impressive nature, connected to the homeland, Otto Hutt has also been happy to be part of this region since the company was founded. Out of its attachment to the Black Forest, Otto Hutt writing instruments manufacture produces exclusively at its own facility. Special attention is paid to sustainability. The handcrafted manufacturing techniques are used with care and in an ecologically sound manner. Electrochemical processes such as the company’s own electroplating technology are also carried out on the basis of binding safety standards. At Otto Hutt, the process is completely wastewater-free with the help of the company’s own combined heat and power plant. The supply partners are mostly from the region and always from Germany – 100% Made in Germany. In this way, we also support local businesses. For the sake of the environment, we do not use any plastics. This is also the case for included packaging – even the gift boxes and the decoration material are made of cardboard and paper and are perfectly suitable for long-term reuse.

Writing instruments that fulfill their promise

The noble writing instruments from Otto Hutt convince customers all over the world with the highest manufacturing quality, full quality control, delivery reliability and, above all, short production routes. Long transports are reduced as much as possible and the related CO2 pollution is minimized. Our writing instruments stand for a unique combination of stylish design, precision craftsmanship and outstanding quality. They bring quality and sustainability noticeably into harmony. You can recognize this special feature not only in the unique feel, which is based on the processing of exclusively selected materials. The valuable writing instruments lie remarkably well in the hand and transform every note into a pure writing pleasure. With high quality against waste: our writing instruments last a lifetime.

At Otto Hutt, great importance is attached to not only describing our responsibility towards our employees and our environment, but to living it every day. According to our self-defined demands as an environmentally conscious company, Otto Hutt naturally pays attention to a sustainable use of all resources used and to manufacturing processes that are as environmentally compatible as possible. It is important to us to pay attention to fair corporate governance on an equal level. As a traditional family business, Otto Hutt is always involved in various social projects, both regionally and nationally.