otto hutt
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Shaped by traditional craftsmanship

Precise craftsmanship and functional design define the essence of the Otto Hutt company – 100 years ago, today, and in its future development.

Even in his early years, Karl Hutt was guided by his innovative strength and his love of craftsmanship. He laid the foundations for the Hutt company in 1920, driven by a vision of lending manually crafted products a functional design. The founder focused on craftsmanship from the very beginning, initially producing refined consumer goods and later developing his company into a manufactory of writing instruments.

The Golden City of Pforzheim – the centre of the European jewellery industry – offered the perfect innovative environment for the Hutt family, which would have a considerable influence on the later development of the company. On top of precious metals and other materials required to create his products, he found a world of expertise here. The company founder designed and produced the first of his refined writing instruments surrounded by sophisticated craftsmanship and creativity. Now, they have made a name for themselves far beyond the German borders.