otto hutt
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Technology meets Design.

The anniversary fountain pen for Otto Hutt is Mark Braun’s first design for a writing instrument. To avoid letting the manufacturing process restrict his creativity, the designer chose a consciously free approach during the design process. But what characterises Bauhaus-oriented design? For us, five features are typical of the design of traditional writing instruments, which can also be found in our product range.

1. Functional form
The choice of form is the cornerstone of the considerations, because this not only has a direct effect on the ergonomics of the writing instrument, but also on its aesthetics.

2. Pure Materiality
The large number of materials and techniques available today for changing the surface structure and its texture offers infinite possibilities. This makes it all the more important to weigh up functional, haptic, visual and technological properties and take them into account in the design process.

3. Staged technology
The consideration of placing a technology visually in the foreground opens up new design options. By relying on proven technologies, which are reinterpreted, product innovations are created which also open up new paths for the use of writing instruments.


4. Contrasting colours
The effect of colors plays an important role in the design of a writinginstrument. They can not only convey feelings such as happiness or sadness, but can also draw our attention or arouse emotions. In addition, contrasting colors can create a certain tension that has its own unique effect.


5. Reliable performance
In addition to all design aspects, the focus is also on reliable performance when developing a writing instrument. As a tool, it has to fulfil a purpose that must not be impaired by visual design decisions. Ultimately, a writing instrument has to be intuitive to use.


The finished product will be available in stores as in a limited edition of 500 pieces from 2020.