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The perfect pattern

Guilloché is the engraving of fine, geometrically arranged lines on metal. These lines are cut into the workpiece with a razor-thin knife, evenly spaced. These filigree designs quickly became famous with the much coveted Fabergé eggs, which helped spread this then-new type of decoration throughout the world.

At Otto Hutt, we still honor the craftsmanship of guilloché to this day: Only a few manufactories worldwide own the expertise to master this intricate art. Today, the art of fine metal cutting, recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage worthy of protection, is taught only in the gold city of Pforzheim. This location obliges: In our nearby factory, our experienced master craftsmen watch over the process.

They make sure that the decorations on our writing instruments are not only pleasing to the eye, but perfectly executed as well. The fine striped guilloché pattern on design04, for example, is an Otto Hutt trademark: The stripes taper out in a precise and even line. Thus adding a noble undertstatement to the reduced look of the blue or black models. Whether in black, snow white or midnight blue, the checkered guilloché gives design04 a sporty look. But a guilloché does not need color to be effective: Take design04 in 925 sterling silver with the double-cut pinstripe guilloche, or the princess cut, with a total of 80 lines crossing each other.

Special requests are welcome

Located in Long Island, Kenro Industries supplies an impressive list of stationery stores across the United States. The experts know exactly alomg which lines their customers’ tastes run: On the one hand they adore playful colors, such as design04 with a wave guilloché: These three-dimensional, wave-shaped lines are cut into the colored lacquer with varying depth. These cuts are then coated with palladium or rose gold. The result is an ever-exciting, individual pattern. On the other hand, Kenro was looking for a model incorporating the American “Bigger is better” mentality: They eventually decided on the Otto Hutt flagship model design07 with the extra-large 18 kt gold nib. For the special US version, they chose a barleycorn guilloché finish and bicolor applications.

Special editions such as design07 for Kenro can be produced economically at the Otto Hutt manufactory and are available at short notice. With a completely closed electroplating process, colors can be reproduced identically throughout the entire batch. Depending on customers’ requirements, customized editions can be produced at short notice. The renowned German newspaper FAZ and stationery stores such as the traditional Cologne-based Ortloff have already made use of this option and designed their own Otto Hutt writing instruments.