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Timeless elegance: design03 in brand new variants.

Fine materials, retrospective style and a timeless look – all this is combined in design03. The brand-new gray shades Platinum Gray and Ruthenium Gray give the design line an everlastingly classic character and suit any occasion. All elements are made of solid brass and coated with high-quality platinum or ruthenium. Our design03 combines the past and the present through the expertise of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing. The rounded edges and sensual shape distinguish the writing instruments in the line. The elements coated with platinum or ruthenium create a unique contrast – with great attention to detail. In keeping with the motto, there are filigree decorative lines on the sides, which are lasered in and reflect the initials of the Otto Hutt brand. Available in Platinum Gray and Ruthenium Gray as fountain pen, rollerball, retractable ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil.

Sustainable and stylish

The straight-lined models of the design03 owe their perfect proportions to the golden ratio. This calculates the ratio in which sizes find each other. But the golden ratio also plays a major role in art and architecture and ensures aesthetic proportions. This can be clearly seen in the design03: this gives the writing instruments a perfect shape. Style-conscious connoisseurs will find self-assured aesthetics paired with reliable functionality. With a balanced weight distribution, the fountain pens, rollerballs, retractable ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils fit perfectly in the hand, ensuring true writing pleasure.

The advantages of Otto Hutt writing instruments lie not only in their aesthetics. The handcrafted production is sustainable – in manufacturing and packaging we avoid plastics wherever possible. To act in the spirit of ecological consideration, we use all production steps and materials in accordance with sustainability. All production takes place exclusively at our own site in the northern Black Forest. All components are supplied from Germany, which minimizes transport distances as well as the associated CO2 pollution. All the fine shavings produced during the production of the writing instruments are recycled – sustainable down to the smallest detail.