otto hutt
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Trend palette. Writing as lifestlye.

Even the occasional writer realizes the complex interaction between the world that surrounds us, the thoughts that inspire us and the stories and notes we put on paper. design06 reflects this year’s trending colors. Let yourself be inspired!

The colors of spring are cheerful, delicate and charming. The soft pastels allow you to catch a first whiff of lilac, and hint at the taste of summer sorbet with pistachio. With these color trends, spring and summer 2020 will be truly unforgettable.

What links your notebook, cell phone and laptop with your desk? Colors create a design environment of all the things that surround us. With its organic form, design06 invites us to use the lazy hours of summer to write down stories – or even short notes. It is up to you. Use the moments between sun and shadow, screen and smartphone, between bits and bytes. Writing with design06 fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint feels like a refreshing break. The design06 writing instruments are more than just a design line, they are a commitment and an invitation to treat yourself to moments of calm – in the colors of summer: Cashmere, lilac, pistachio, sand. Depending on color variants, hardware components are coated with platinum, gold or rose gold. It is this combination of colors and materials that rounds off the high quality design Otto Hutt’s customers have come to expect. We wish you an inspiring writing session.