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Trending 2021: Hand lettering

Gift hunters, take note: For Christmas 2021, we recommend a gift that combines many pleasant hours and sophisticated creativity. Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters. This megatrend can be used to decorate everyday objects as well as dedicated works of art. All you need is a good writing instrument, such as an Otto Hutt rollerball, and paper. For an easy start, the gift kit should ideally include a few templates that are available in any well-stocked bookstore. And just like that, the person receiving the gift can learn a new skill that will quickly become a new favorite pastime.

What is the difference between calligraphy and hand lettering?

At Otto Hutt we are always rediscovering our writing instruments: Why not use our design04 rollerball pen in black uni with rosé gold for those filigree ornamentals? Unlike calligraphy, handlettering does not require any special knowledge. Permitted is what pleases: In books and online, there are now so many great hand lettering templates that one is sure to find something for every taste and every occasion. So be prepared to receive a hand-made “thank you” card for the beautiful Otto Hutt writing instrument in due course. While you’re looking at our writing instruments and templates, why not try it out for yourself? Show of your ornamental writing with a high-quality writing utensil such as an Otto Hutt rollerball pen.