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What’s your type? Choose your very own writing instrument.

Developing our high quality writing instruments, we don’t think about target groups. The Otto Hutt Manufaktur caters to individuals. People who create their own lifestyle, and who are looking for a fountain pen or a ballpoint that matches their attitude. Sporty, subtle, fashionable or puristic: each has their own character, their preferences, behaviors and habits.

Our Otto Hutt design lines meet real life.

Typenfrage. Welches Schreibgerät für wen? Die Sportliche

The Athlete

Straightforward and enduring: Sports are an integral part of my life. Before breakfast, I usually take a walk around the block. My body is an armour that strenghtens and protects me during the day. I like to spend my evenings with recreational activities such as cycling or going to the gym. Then it is time for me to reflect the day, with my ballpoint design03 in light grey.

Typenfrage. Welches Schreibgerät für wen? Die Modebewusste

The Fashionista

For me, fashion is not limited to clothing. Fashion is a way to express ideas. Colors and shapes are expressive of the respective area. A rich red or fine pastel shades – fashion is a statement, an aspiration and an attitude to life that I share with others all over the world. I relish having the choice of various colors and designs for my writing instrument. design06 fountain pen and ballpoint, rose-colored with rose-gold decor.

Typenfrage. Welches Schreibgerät für wen? Die Feine

The artist

"Subtle" is the word: Shapes, shades and details make all the difference. Being an artist is not easy, and it can be quite demanding. For me, it is the elixir of life. The technical sophistication and elegance of design04 matches my high expectations. design04 ballpoint and fountain pen in guilloche black with rose-colored decor, white with Platinum decor and black with platinum decor.

Typenfrage. Welches Schreibgerät für wen? Die Puristin

The Purist

like it clean: Timeless design and fine materials appeals to me. I know exactly what I want. I can do without trends and technical gimmicks, I appreciate a utilitarian look. But I don't compromiseon quality. Thus I opt for design04 in snow white with platinum fittings. The barrel can be uni or checkered, that is all the choice I need.