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Work in style: Black S.O.H.O. chic.

We’ll tell you how to shift your Small Office Home Office (S.O.H.O.) to the creative New York district of SoHo with just a few changes.

Right now, home offices are a popular option. The idea originated in the USA, but since the onset of the digital age, the trend of working from home has also been on the rise in many industries over here – and comes with numerous advantages for both employers and employees. A major bonus of home offices is that everyone can furnish and design their office themselves. After all, style plays an important role when it comes to a pleasant work atmosphere. We’ve collected some inspiring ideas with which you can turn your home office into your new favourite spot. If you have the option of using your own space as an office, you can give your creativity free reign when it comes to interior design. But even a work area in a living room can be redesigned into a stylishly aesthetic workspace. It’s no secret: We’re more productive in spaces where we feel comfortable. For example, the trendy black S.O.H.O. style will have you feeling like you’re in the middle of the famous artists’ and creatives’ district.

SOHO: The cradle of creativity

There is a neighbourhood known as Soho in London as well as in New York. In both cities, this district is where the creatives and intellectuals live and work. Trendy cafes, stylish offices, designer boutiques, and exclusive art galleries alternate with popular clubs. The neighbourhood also features the cast-iron facades that are typical of New York and lend the entire area an artistic, industrial flair. This lifestyle inspired the trendy S.O.H.O. collection by Rössler.

The organisation collection S.O.H.O.

Linear, stylish, and high-quality: The organisation collection S.O.H.O. by RЪssler is lovingly made by hand in the manufactory and distinguishes itself through its timelessly elegant, chic, and striking style. Aside from the sophisticated look, the S.O.H.O. products are impressive due to their robust material, ribbed or smooth, and a pleasant feel that turns everyday life at the office into a real pleasure.