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Otto Hutt

By individualists. For individualists.

In times of uniform fashion and mass production, we at Otto Hutt are very consciously, and with the deepest conviction, placing our bets on the uniqueness of elegant, one-of-a-kind pieces. Individuality and stylish design are values that have accompanied us as a traditional company for generations. Inspired by the precision and finesse of the jewelry industry that surrounds us, it is our declared aim to surpass the highest quality standards time and again – while at the same time operating in a sustainable and responsible way. Our top priority is, and always will be, the complete satisfaction of our customers. Because a writing device by Otto Hutt will accompany you for the rest of your life.

People at the company

Marco Frei,
Managing Director

Marco Frei has been acting as Managing Director for Otto Hutt since 2006. In this position he controls national and international communication as well as customer service and sales. As a family-run company, Otto Hutt places particular value on a trusted customer-relationship and on offering first-class service. As managing director, Frei is personally committed to live up to this goal every day.

Phone +49 7232 3023 550

Otto Hutt Team - Marco Frei

Melissa Scherer,
Specialist Office & Sales

As a specialist for office and sales, Melissa Scherer is responsible for the commercial handling of all order processes at Otto Hutt. Customers will find her a competent and courteous contact person for all questions regarding their writing instrument. This is how service works at Otto Hutt: with expertise, specialist and industry-specific know-how.

Phone +49 7232 3023 550

OttoHutt - Melissa Scherer

Joachim Lipp,
Sales Manager

As national Sales Manager, Joachim Lipp covers all German sales for Otto Hutt. With decades of experience in retail sales, he is responsible for the nationwide sale of the exclusive products. Mr. Lipp is the first point of contact for specialist retailers and Otto Hutt customers both personally and of course on site.

Phone +49 152 5261 7950

Otto Hutt Team - Joachim Lipp

Ralf Krüger
Director International Business

As Director International Business Mr. Ralf Krüger will be responsible for the future development of Otto Hutt worldwide and the management of existing and new contacts. He is your contact person for all questions concerning your inquiries, orders and suggestions about Otto Hutt international.

Phone +49 151 651 669 32

Ralf Krüger