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Outstanding technology. Unique procedures.

The highest quality will always be particularly evident in the details. These include aspects such as high-quality processing, an attractive design, and excellent customer service. Products by Otto Hutt fulfil these standards to perfection. This is not least due to the consistent further development of the company’s own manufacturing expertise.


Precision and attention to detail form the hallmarks of Otto Hutt’s writing devices. Every movement is well thought-out and repeated multiple times to achieve perfection. Selected materials are united to form an impressive result.


An in-house design studio that revises and improves tried-and-tested manufacturing methods. Space for innovative ideas and extraordinary designs. Construction and development with the stated goal of continually surpassing the highest demands and standards.


New impulses through constantly optimized procedures and production methods. Countless production steps, carried out to perfection by experienced experts. The 18-carat gold nibs for example, ground and polished by hand several times. Unmatched in their brilliance.

Precious metals

Writing devices given high-quality coating with gold, platinum, or silver, which requires an extremely precise process and the utmost care. Situated in the German center of precious metal- and jewelry production, it goes without saying that Otto Hutt has mastered these technologies par excellence.

Otto Hutt Schreibgeräte Edelmetalle

Otto Hutt nib

Products by Otto Hutt have a stylized logo engraved into the nib, which is inspired by the Bauhaus signet by Oscar Schlemmer from 1922. An unmistakable symbol of creative standards and the stylized self-conception of the brand: “Form follows function”.

Otto Hutt Füllfederhalter design07

Mechanical clip

A special result of the Otto Hutt precision technology is the mechanical pen clip. Made from solid brass, refined with a platinum layer, checked by hand several times, and perfect in its function.

Otto Hutt Schreibgeräte Mechanischer Clip

Made in Germany. A promise.


Initiated by the German Federation of Jewelry and Watches, the label “Made in Germany” is a unique distinction within the jewelry industry. The label stands for top quality and sustainable production. It serves as an important guide for consumers.


Those who want to bear the distinction of “Made in Germany” must fulfil an extensive range of requirements. Products by Otto Hutt are exclusively manufactured in Germany and use particularly high-quality materials.


In order to reliably fulfil the required quality standards regarding processing, design, and delivery time, the individual production steps are subject to a constant control process. This way, the “Made in Germany” label guarantees a long-term assurance of quality.

Top quality. With passion.

Otto Hutt strives to exclusively produce premium products. With the highest level of technological know-how and no shortage of care and attention to detail, we ensure that fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and ink rollers become guarantors for an extraordinary writing experience.

Otto Hutt Schreibgeräte design06

Every writing device is one-of-a-kind

Every person is unique. Just like the writing devices by Otto Hutt. A six-digit numerical code, engraved into the cap and noted on the warranty card, clearly marks each device as a unique piece. Individual and unmistakable.

Otto Hutt design04 Individuelle Nummerierung