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The origins of this 17th century enfgraving procedure stem from the classical jewelry industry. Otto Hutt is one of the few companies that still uses this sophisticated technique. The company not only continued this precision procedure by hand, but also further developed it to include an innovative CNC-control. In 2015, guilloche was declared part of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

Otto Hutt Fertigungstechnik Guillochieren


To achieve a perfect look with flawless coloring, countless layers of varnish are expertly applied and polished. This creates an unparalleled depth effect, as well as an extremely robust surface structure.

Otto Hutt Fertigungstechnik Lackieren


Products by Otto Hutt are subject to a constant control process. Every writing device is manually examined to guarantee 100% quality. Only if all quality criteria are met do the fountain pens, ballpoint pens, ink rollers, and mechanical pencils receive the distinction “Made in Germany”.

Otto Hutt Fertigung Prüfung

Writing test

An essential component of the quality examination is the writing test that all writing devices are subject to: The pens are tested and controlled for functionality, line thickness, and controllability.

Otto Hutt Fertigung Schreibtest