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Feb , 12

Classically puristic. An archetype.
design01 restricts itself to the essentials. A guarantee of incomparable writing pleasure. Classical, discreet, timeless in design. Flawlessly executed with the finest materials. Puristic, yet with a strong optical depth effect. Multiple polished layers of varnish give these writing instruments their intense coloration and an unmistakable shine.

Transformation. Noticeably sensual.
design02 combines classical styling idioms with traditional artisanal craftsmanship. Flawless quality that you can feel. Unmistakable design. Polished sterling silver, guilloché, made by hand.
An epochal expression of sensual charm. Inspired by an organic-minimalist aesthetic, transformed into an incomparable writing instrument.

Pure elegance. Perfectly formed.
design04 is an homage to the linearity aesthetic. Subtle design, subordinate to an uncompromising purpose. Compact dimensions ensure remarkable handling that is unparalleled. Technical sophistication and the highest quality materials. Based on an original design by Otto Hutt. Classical form reimagined for the future and finished by hand.

Functionality. In perfection.
design05 is an elegant companion for your every day. Noble design. Compact and well-proportioned. With double functions. A replaceable „touch tip“ can used for smart phone or tablet entries. The materials are typical for Otto Hutt: the highest quality, flawlessly finished. A complex mechanical clip and precise ink-guidance system speak for themselves.

Natural expression. Moving forward.
design06 has a perfectly organic form. Its supple feel shows the way forward. A renowned original meets innovation. Proven quality meets elegance. New contours and surfaces milled with special diamond tools. Merged into an overwhelmingly natural composition.

Design your own.
Unique writing instrument. Infinite possibilities.
The configurator gives those who are looking for something special the ability to design their personal writing instruments just the way they want them. Hundreds of possible combinations make every fountain pen a truly unique piece.
Based on the design06, fans of writing instruments can select various decorations, colors, and even individual components to be combined as desired. The configurator is available online or at retail specialty shops.
Seven different colors are available for the body and cap: arctic blue, lavender violet, orchid violet, ruby red, blush red, seashell pink, ash grey.
Designs can be merged with the following decorations: Platin, Gold, Rosé-Gold, Aubergine.

The flagship. Top class.
design07 is the very essence of artistic perfection. Form and functionality are combined in an energetic body. A bow to the beauty of clean shapes. Strong and elegant. The unmistakeable idea of top-class character outshines the rest. With a characteristic spring clip, masterfully developed into a consummate design.

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