otto hutt
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Classically puristic. An archetype.

Writing pleasure

design01 restricts itself to the essentials. A guarantee of incomparable writing pleasure.

Otto Hutt design01 Schreibgenuss

Finest materials

Classical, discreet, timeless in design. Flawlessly executed with the finest materials.

Otto Hutt design01 edelste Materialien

Optical depth effect

Puristic, yet with a strong optical depth effect.

Otto Hutt design01 optische Tiefenwirkung

Intense coloring

Multiple polished layers of varnish give these writing instruments their intense coloration and an unmistakable shine.

Otto Hutt design01 intensive Farbgebung

Otto Hutt design01 Kugelschreiber Druckbleistift

Black & blue

The body of the design01 is made of copper, painted with four high-grade coats of black or blue. Each surface is then polished by hand after every coat.

Otto Hutt design01 Füllhalter Rollball

Caps are made of sterling silver or coated with rose gold and are available in smooth or guilloché striped designs. The hardware components are coated with high-grade platinum. Available as fountain pen, roller ball, ballpoint, and retractable pencil.