otto hutt
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Transformation. Noticeably sensual.

Classic style

design02 combines classical styling idioms with traditional artisanal craftsmanship. Flawless quality that you can feel. Unmistakable design.

Otto Hutt design02 klassische Formensprache

Sensual charme

Polished sterling silver, guilloché, made by hand. An epochal expression of sensual charm.

Otto Hutt design02 sinnlicher Charme

Unique aesthetics

Inspired by an organic-minimalist aesthetic, transformed into an incomparable writing instrument.

Otto Hutt design02 einizgartige Aesthetik

Otto Hutt design02 Wabenguillochierung Rectangulaire

Smooth, striped, honeycomb guilloché, and rectangular

design02 has a solid silver body that rests confidently in the hand. The hardware components are coated with high-grade platinum, guaranteeing a durable surface finish. The writing instruments are polished by hand using a special technique from the jeweller’s art.

Otto Hutt design02 glatt Streifenguillochierung

Four surface finishes: smooth, stripes, honeycomb guilloché, and rectangulaire. The smooth design is also available as a bicolor version, offered with an accompanying bicolor steel nib. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen, and mechanical pencil.