otto hutt
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A look to the past. Crafted in modernity.

Trend color black.

All fountain pens can be fitted with either PVD-coated steel nibs or 18 carat gold nibs. All fittings are also finished with PVD.

Otto Hutt design03 Allblack Feder

With perfection, nothing is coincidence.

The shared expertise of experienced master craftsmen flows into each Otto Hutt design line. With the new design03, they gather up the essential features of classic writing instruments and skilfully bring these into the modern era.

Otto Hutt design03 Füllfederhalter Feder

Quality in retro design

A unity of quality, precision, and elegance – from the characteristic push-button to the tip.

Otto Hutt design03 Retro Design

Perfect shaping

The design03 has perfectly executed proportions thanks to the integration of golden intersections into its design. Confident aesthetics for style-conscious connoisseurs.

Otto Hutt design03 Skizze

design03 Navy blue

A legendary retro style meets sophisticated design.

The offset Otto Hutt logo sets apart the ball pen, fountain pen, pencil, and rollerball simply yet brilliantly. Impressive detail and masterful execution. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, retractable ballpoint pen, and mechanical pencil. The fountain pens have the option of being fitted with either steel or 18ct gold nibs.

design03 Rosewhite


High quality brass gives design03 its pleasant feel. The interplay of matt, satin and shiny elements forms a brilliant contrast that brings fine accents to the fore. The Rosewhite variant is matt lacquered in white. The hardware components and nib are refined with high-quality rose gold.

design03 Allblack


The Allblack version is painted matt in black. The hardware components, the steel nib and the 18-carat gold nib of the Allblack version are finished with high-quality PVD.

design03 Platinum und Dark Grey Schreibgeräte

Darkgrey and Lightgrey

The Darkgrey version is painted matt in grey. The shaft of Darkgrey is additionally coated with ruthenium. Lightgrey is lacquered matt platinum-plated with mother-of-pearl. The darkgrey is matt refined with high-quality platinum. The hardware components are also refined with platinum.