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Functionality. In perfection.

Well-formed and elegant

design05 is an elegant companion for your every day. Noble design. Compact and well-proportioned.

Otto Hutt design05 wohlgeformt elegant

Replaceable „touch tip"

With double functions. A replaceable „touch tip“ can used for smart phone or tablet entries.

High-quality materials

The materials are typical for Otto Hutt: the highest quality, flawlessly finished.

Otto Hutt design05 hochwertige Materialien

Extraordinary details

A complex mechanical clip and precise ink-guidance system speak for themselves.

Otto Hutt design05 Aussergewoehnliche Details

Otto Hutt design05 Platin


The body is solid copper with a satin finish and platinum plating. The matte surface provides an especially pleasant grip.

Otto Hutt design05 Roségold

Rose gold

The brass body is plated with rose gold with a fine satin finish. The barrels have a checkered guilloché with several coats of lacquer.

Otto Hutt design05 schwarz blau

Black, blue, green, & yellow

The solid brass body is plated with platinum and given a satin finish. The cap has a checkered guilloché and several coats of color lacquer.

Otto Hutt design05 gruen gelb

The final high-grade matte lacquer finish makes this model particularly pleasant to grip.