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Natural expression. Moving forward.

Smooth haptics

design06 has a perfectly organic form. Its supple feel shows the way forward.

Otto Hutt design06 anschmiegsame Haptik

Innovative composition

A renowned original meets innovation. Proven quality meets elegance.

Otto Hutt design06 innovative Komposition

Unique design

New contours and surfaces milled with special diamond tools.

Otto Hutt design06 unvergleichliches Design

Natural composition

Merged into an overwhelmingly natural composition. The pure pleasure of writing.

Otto Hutt design06 natuerliche Haptik

Otto Hutt design06 schwarz rot

Black, red, rose & white

The black and red design06 models get their noble appearance from the platinum-coated hardware components, while the rose-coloured and white models are coated with attractive rose gold.

Otto Hutt design06 rosé weiss

Shaft and cap of every design06 writing instrument are made of solid aluminum. A special final lacquer coat produces an especially pleasant feel. The complex spring clip is organic in form and perfect in function. All design06 variants are available as fountain pen, ballpoint, and roller ball. Steel and gold nibs are available for the fountain pen.

Otto Hutt design06 Schreibgeräte Pastell

New pastel shades

Four new, very charming colours for design06 - delicate like heavenly sorbets that melt in your mouth. “Sand” bestows upon its beholder a meditative calm that leaves the hectic pace of everyday life.“Cashmere” is characterised by an air of preciousness and exclusivity.

Otto Hutt design06 Schreibgeräte Pastell

A touch of summer holiday in a southern country is exuded by the delicate shade of “pistachio”. “Lilac” evokes memories of a spring walk across a field of ornamental shrubs. The hardware components are coated with platinum, gold or rose gold, depending on the colour variant.

Otto Hutt design06 Schreibgeräte Konfigurator

Four configurator colours in the permanent product range

Here at Otto Hutt, it is particularly important to us that we respond quickly to customer requests. It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that four popular colours from our configurator are now available as part of our standard product range as well.

Otto Hutt design06 Schreibgeräte Konfigurator

The hardware components and caps of all colour variants are painted matt. The hardware components of the Ash Grey version are PVD coated, those of the Seashell Pink version are rose gold coated. Arctic Blue and Lavender Violet are available with platinum-plated decor.