otto hutt
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The flagship. Top class.

Creative perfection

design07 is the very essence of artistic perfection. Form and functionality are combined in an energetic body.

Otto Hutt design07 gestalterische Perfektion

Functional perfection

With a characteristic spring clip, masterfully developed into a consummate design.

Otto Hutt design07 funktionale Perfektion

Finest materials

The unmistakeable idea of top-class character outshines the rest.A bow to the beauty of clean shapes. Strong and elegant.

Otto Hutt design07 edelste Materialien

Otto Hutt design07 Silber


The shaft and cap are made of sterling silver. The fountain pens have a unusually large, high-quality gold nib. The characteristic spring clip has been further refined for design07. A special highlight: the finely worked thread guilloché on the shaft and cap.

Otto Hutt design07 Lack


Shaft and cap are made of solid brass and then platinized. Here again the shaft and cap have especially finely worked thread guilloché. A double coat of black translucent lacquer is followed by seven clear coats. Ground multiple times and polished by hand. Both variants are available as a fountain pen and a roller ball pen.