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Limited Edition

The renowned artist Viola has used her keen eye for pure beauty and filigrane aesthetics to inspire unique charms that turn our writing instruments into true works of art. Hand-painted. Perfect in form. Limited in edition.

Painted sculptures on transparent steles.

Viola’s life-sized sculptures paint pictures full of emotions, impressions, and experiences. Such as her Black Forest girl, dressed in the characteristic felt “Bollenhut” hat and costume, who directs her curious gaze unto her Black Forest cherry gateau. Translated into graceful charms in loving and detailed handiwork, the acrylic works of art now write their own histories.

The artistic expressed in detail.

Born in Pforzheim, Viola understands the art of blending visionary ways of thinking with the marvels of her Black Forest hometown better than anyone. Her art – characterised by feminine elegance, striking contrasts, and expressive forms – has attracted international admiration. Now, she finds an unexpected, yet fully natural, medium of expression in the Otto Hutt writing instruments.

Hand-painted and unique.

Reduced to the essential, the hand-painted charms by Viola are more than a mere accessory. Each individual piece is a work of art that recounts its own history. The charms, available in five designs, each of them limited to 100 pieces, embellish the rose-coloured design06 writing instruments. Exquisite and unique, to send the hearts of collectors racing.

Otto Hutt design06 Limited Edition Charms Nicole


Playful. Carefree.
Handwriting movements make the merry ballerina Nicole, dressed in bright pink, dance.

Otto Hutt design06 Limited Edition Charms Elena


Determined. Self-aware.
As a representative of modern young women, Elena proudly expresses her femininity.

Otto Hutt design06 Limited Edition Charms Anne


Dignified. Traditional.
With her traditional felt hat and costume, Anne gracefully represents her Black Forest home.

Otto Hutt design06 Limited Edition Charms Milena


Gracious. Style-conscious.
As befits a fashionista, Milena places great value on a varied wardrobe.

Otto Hutt design06 Limited Edition Charms Charlotte


Fashionable. Flexible.
Elegance personified; Charlotte embodies the Parisian chic that she wears from head to toe.