design06 Rollerball Shine Kashmir Rosegold

WEIGHT CA. 44.9 gr

LENGTH 14 cm



– on clip

– 90° right of clip


185,00  EUR

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The shaft is made of solid aluminum. The elaborately manufactured spring clip is organically shaped and its function is perfect. The fittings of the model in Kashmir are coated with rose gold. A special, final layer of lacquer creates a particularly pleasant feel.

Natural expression. Thought ahead.

design 06 Natural Expression. Thought ahead.
design 06 convinces with the perfect organic shape. Groundbreaking in its supple feel. Renowned original meets innovation. Proven quality based on elegance. New contours and surfaces that are milled with special diamond tools. Merged into an overwhelmingly natural composition.
The Design 06 Rollerball models glide weightlessly over the paper while writing. Thanks to their innovative development, you don't want to put these writing implements down at all: The design 06 impresses with a new edition in the processing quality. The sleeves are made of solid material. With the characteristic spring clip and the rounded contours and surfaces that have been milled with special diamond tools, the rollerball nestles perfectly in the hand. The color-lacquered and multi-coated surface also ensures overwhelming writing pleasure thanks to its unique pleasant feel. The fittings of the rollerball are coated with high quality light gold, rose gold, platinum or PVD. This protects the surface and ensures an unmistakable shine.
Lovers of Otto Hutt writing implements appreciate individuality and uniqueness - because that's exactly why they buy them: Each Otto Hutt brand product is unique, provided with a six-digit code that is engraved on the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unmistakably and - for a lifetime.
  • with large refill M, blue
  • Including microfibre cleaning cloth, instructions for use and certificate
  • Length 14cm, length open 12.2cm, diameter 14mm, weight approx. 44.9gr.

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