design08. Quality on the edge of unreasonableness.

Mark Braun is the designer. design08 is a brand ambassador for Otto Hutt. The writing instrument shows quality standards that almost unreasonably reflect the attitude behind design, development, production and function of the writing instruments. design08 symbolically stands for a world view, an attitude towards life and commodity culture.

Design08 is already the second model by Otto Hutt, which was created in collaboration with star designer Mark Braun. The fine, counter-rotating guilloche shows the craftsmanship behind the design and indicates the direction of rotation. A particularly striking feature is the mechanical spring clip, which ends in the concave cap head. The refill is easily changed via the rear heel, which is simply unscrewed. The design08 is postable.

Made of solid brass, coated with high-quality ruthenium, PVD matt coated grip.