A perfectly formed design, characterised by special details.

The back of the designC is refined by unique engravings: the predicate “Made in Germany” and the individual numbering on the cap, the Otto Hutt logo and the sign for pure 925/- sterling silver, of which the fountain pen is mainly made, on the barrel. These serve as helpful markers when refilling the pen.

When the Otto Hutt logo is in line with the mark on the end of the barrel, it signals that the final writing position has been reached. Made of precious 925/- sterling silver, flawlessly finished. The matt black, PVD-coated writing unit sets qualitative and ergonomic standards. The solid 18kt yellow gold index on the barrel and cap replaces the “classic” clip.

The specially developed “Pull + Twist” mechanism is in keeping with our philosophy of combining user-oriented design with technical innovation. A slow pull brings it into the filling position. The designC then only needs to be dipped into an inkwell and twisted back to take up ink via its gold nib. As a world first, this complex mechanism is entirely in keeping with the character of Otto Hutt’s 100th anniversary.

A leather case made of whale leather offers protection and security. As a southern German, vegetable-tanned and natural product, it is in keeping with sustainability. In the production process, the leather is wetted, carefully shaped and heated in a rare procedure. designC comes in an expressive silver box that underlines the character of the collector’s item. The writing instrument is completed by the high-quality leather case, a silver cleaning cloth, the 100YRS booklet, the numbered certificate of authenticity and a jar of document-proof ink. The total silver weight is 34gr. the total gold weight is 1gr.