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Our look for spring time: design04 in matte black with a ruthenium finish. Is it black or is it silver? It is, in any case, an eye-catching combination. With our new design04 in matte black, the ruthenium coated fittings set a counterpoint in look and feel.

With their subtle design and trim line, design04 writing instruments are the perfect companion for every occasion and for every type of writing. By combining ruthenium coated hardware components with the matte black barrel, our design04 models sport a beautiful contrast between matte and glossy. With its special coloring, the metal adds a very special fascination: ruthenium has a silvery black sheen, while also picking up reflections from the environment. The writing instrument thus reflects the writing process, which marries thoughts and feelings from within with external influences.

Ruthenium is one of the rarest non-radioactive elements on earth. It took around 40 years for the discovery of this platinum metal to be verifiably confirmed in 1845. An alloy with ruthenium covers surfaces with an almost magical, dark, shimmering layer. At the same time, the metal gives the hardware components durability and a pleasant, hypoallergenic feel. Our new design04 models with ruthenium are available as fountain pen, rollerball pen, twist ballpoint pen or twist pencil. For the design04 fountain pen you can choose between steel or 18 ct gold nibs. The nib strength ranges from wide, medium, fine to extra fine.