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design01 is reduced to the essential: Pure writing pleasure, made with the finest materials. Our classic writing instrument is now available in a trendy look and feel in matt. As such, it delivers a visual and haptic experience: brass body meets flawless matt surface. For a velvety touch. It is hard to choose between the two color variants: matt black or matt blue, both embody puristic perfection in its purest form. The caps of the fountain pens are matted and coated with ruthenium. The fittings of the ballpoint pen and pencil, also coated with ruthenium and polished to a shine, enhance the elegant look of this design icon.

The classic is given a modern makeover.

All design01 models are available as fountain pen, rollerball pen, twist ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil. The design and production takes place exclusively at the company location near the gold city of Pforzheim: Otto Hutt is 100 % made in Germany. The great craftsmanship and fine materials leave nothing to be desired and guarantee unadulterated writing enjoyment that lasts a lifetime. Choose your unicolor steel nib in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad.