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Elegant structures for a unique writing experience.

A pleasant writing experience is a crucial factor for many when it comes to writing. It can affect the speed and fluidity of writing, but also the joy and relaxation that accompany the writing process. Whether it’s just a short note or a longer journal entry, the writing instrument itself plays an important role, especially when it has special patterns and a comfortable feel. We automatically associate the unique feeling in our hand with memorable writing moments and let ourselves be carried by the inspiration of past writings.

That’s why Otto Hutt relies on the traditional art of engraving: guilloche. In this rare craft, delicate lines are engraved into the metal with the highest precision, creating a variety of geometric patterns. Interwoven checks, wave-like decorations, or subtle, clear lines – the different designs offer the perfect pattern for every style. Together with the aesthetic colors, a harmonious overall picture with an exceptionally excellent feel is created. A prime example of the combination of the finest materials and the most careful craftsmanship is design 07 with a strip guilloche. It appeals to both lovers of simple elegance and clear lines, as well as those who appreciate detailed structures and a distinctive appearance.